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Course Amenities
  • River Hills Pro Shop
  • Colonial-style Clubhouse
  • Bar and Grill
  • Golf Instruction and Practice Facility
  • Ping Custom Club Fitting Center
  • Recently enlarged tees
  • 18 holes of challenging yet playable golf
  • Real Estate Community

River Hills Golf & Country Club

3670 Cedar Creek Run
Little River, SC 29566

River Hills Golf & Country Club, located in the historic South Carolina coastal village of Little River, is known throughout the area as one of the "must play" courses in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area. Just north of North Myrtle Beach, River Hills Golf & Country Club offers golfers a mixture of service, course condition and value, Southern Charm and natural beauty.

Designed by Tom Jackson, this beautiful 18-hole course offers non-parallel fairways that wind through a rolling, heavily wooded landscape. The rolling hills found at River Hills Golf & Country Club are what make it so popular, as hills like this are unusual for a course found so close to the ocean's coastline. The course offers four sets of tees on each hole, which gives golfers of all skill levels a great experience at River Hills. The 18-hole course plays a total of 6,918 yards from the blue tees and 6,396 from the white tees.

River Hills Golf & Country Club recently underwent a renovation and is proud of its well-manicured greens and increased playability for golfers. The renovation brought enlarged tees, reworked bunkers for improved fairway visibility and new stone bulkheads that improved the definition of water features. Sand hazards were redirected on many of the holes, which has helped to improve the pace of play for golfers.

The beautiful terrain at River Hills Golf & Country Club will be the perfect backdrop to your experience at this special course, which prides itself on offering quality customer service to its guests. The Clubhouse offers a full-service pro shop with knowledgeable staff and a full-service bar and grill that offers everything from boxed lunches to fine dining and awards banquets. There is also an expansive patio located at the clubhouse, where guests can enjoy relaxing and enjoying great views of the course.

The River Hills Pro Shop offers a large selection of golf merchandise, including brands of Ashworth, Ahead, Baby Golf, Cutter & Buck, Liz Claiborne, Footjoy and Nikie Golf. Also on site is the Ping Custom Club Fitting Center, which employs PGA professionals to measure for the correct lie angle, shaft length, swing weight and grips for your custom golf clubs.

The Practice Facility at River Hills offers a 25-station driving range, putting and chipping greens and bunkers. All of these features complement the 18-hole, par 72 course to help golfers prepare for their round of golf. In addition, golf lessons are available from the golf pros at River Hills for those of all skill levels. Instruction is available in personal lessons and group clinics. Instructors teach a variety of skills related to your golf game, including grip, setup, aim, ball position, balance, timing, impact and release. Whether you are a beginner just starting the game or an advanced golfer just trying to tune up a few skills, River Hills can help!

Hole Information
  • All Holes
    • Blue Tees: Rating - 73.3; Slope - 136
    • White Tees: Rating - 70.6; Slope - 128
    • Green Tees: Rating - 67.6; Slope - 116
    • Red Tees: Rating - 67.7; Slope - 120
  • Hole 1
    • Men's Par: 4; Ladies Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 14; Ladies Handicap: 14
    • Yardage - Blue: 371; Yardage - White: 305; Yardage - Green: 246; Yardage - Red: 233
    • A short opening dogleg right 4 par, with a strategically placed trap on the right side of the fairway. If avoided, it will allow for a short lofted approach to a small green protected by traps in the front left and front right.
  • Hole 2
    • Men's Par: 5; Ladies Par: 5; Men's Handicap: 4; Ladies Handicap: 4
    • Yardage - Blue: 531; Yardage - White: 497; Yardage - Green: 470; Yardage - Red: 430
    • This slightly uphill dogleg right 5 par is wide and friendly. To make a par, the traps in the left of the first dogleg and the left of the second dogleg must be avoided. Pin locations in the center and right side of this green are well protected by a deep trap.
  • Hole 3
    • Men's Par: 3; Ladies Par: 3; Men's Handicap: 18; Ladies Handicap: 18
    • Yardage - Blue: 185; Yardage - White: 170; Yardage - Green: 146; Yardage - Red: 109
    • A 3 par of medium length. Visually the hole appears short and the green is protected by a large trap in the front right. Placing your shot in the middle of the green should leave an excellent chance for par at any pin position.
  • Hole 4
    • Men's Par: 4; Ladies Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 10; Ladies Handicap: 8
    • Yardage - Blue: 401; Yardage - White: 385; Yardage - Green: 346; Yardage - Red: 306
    • Water hazard ahead! A pond guards the entire approach to this shallow green and a good tee shot is a must to avoid a long approach shot or a lay-up.
  • Hole 5
    • Men's Par: 4; Ladies Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 6; Ladies Handicap: 6
    • Yardage - Blue: 448; Yardage - White: 401; Yardage - Green: 381; Yardage - Red: 343
    • The longest par 4 on the front nine, particularly if you miss the drive. A slightly uphill tee shot to a landing area protected by sand on the right. The green is medium in size with grass bunkers in the front right.
  • Hole 6
    • Men's Par: 3; Ladies Par: 3; Men's Handicap: 16; Ladies Handicap: 16
    • Yardage - Blue: 180; Yardage - White: 162; Yardage - Green: 137; Yardage - Red: 113
    • A challenging 3 par with water protecting the entire left side of the hole from tee to green. Mounding, undulations, and traps in front and back make this a great 3 par. Club selection a must!
  • Hole 7
    • Men's Par: 5; Ladies Par: 5; Men's Handicap: 2; Ladies Handicap: 2
    • Yardage - Blue: 527; Yardage - White: 485; Yardage - Green: 464; Yardage - Red: 417
    • This double dogleg 5 par is a fantastic hole that can quickly bring heartache. Keep your tee shot as long as possible down the left side to avoid the traps on the right. Water right and left on the second shot requires an accurate second shot. The elevated green is framed by traps left and front and a large pine tree right/center in front of the green.
  • Hole 8
    • Men's Par: 4; Ladies Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 12; Ladies Handicap: 12
    • Yardage - Blue: 393; Yardage - White: 368; Yardage - Green: 334; Yardage - Red: 294
    • This dogleg left 4 par is protected on the left by two traps and two large pines which still can keep you honest. The traps, however, can be easily carried allowing for a relatively short approach into this large green which is protected by deep grass bunkers on the left and a large trap on the right.
  • Hole 9
    • Men's Par: 4; Ladies Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 8; Ladies Handicap: 10
    • Yardage - Blue: 418; Yardage - White: 384; Yardage - Green: 367; Yardage - Red: 338
    • Long, narrow and straight, this finishing 4 par plays out of a wooded corridor to a narrow landing area protected by a trap on the left. A windswept dune-style green protected by grass bunkers and traps on the left.
  • Hole 10
    • Men's Par: 4; Ladies Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 11; Ladies Handicap: 11
    • Yardage - Blue: 394; Yardage - White: 365; Yardage - Green: 317; Yardage - Red: 263
    • The dogleg right 4 par is the start of one of the best finishing nine holes on the Grand Strand. The fairway trap on the right side of the dogleg is definitely in play. The green runs right to left with a steep grass face.
  • Hole 11
    • Men's Par: 5; Ladies Par: 5; Men's Handicap: 3; Ladies Handicap: 3
    • Yardage - Blue: 572; Yardage - White: 548; Yardage - Green: 512; Yardage - Red: 457
    • A long, narrow and potentially dangerous 5 par. Water down the entire left side of the fairway and woods to the right. It's a three shot hole and finesse is the key.
  • Hole 12
    • Men's Par: 3; Ladies Par: 3; Men's Handicap: 15; Ladies Handicap: 15
    • Yardage - Blue: 200; Yardage - White: 190; Yardage - Green: 111; Yardage - Red: 90
    • A dramatic wetlands setting frames this neat 3 par. Water in front and sand left.
  • Hole 13
    • Men's Par: 4; Ladies Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 9; Ladies Handicap: 9
    • Yardage - Blue: 394; Yardage - White: 366; Yardage - Green: 323; Yardage - Red: 264
    • Another wetlands environment with a demanding carry across water to green nestled into a hillside. This is a tricky 4 par demanding length and accuracy.
  • Hole 14
    • Men's Par: 4; Ladies Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 5; Ladies Handicap: 5
    • Yardage - Blue: 429; Yardage - White: 404; Yardage - Green: 354; Yardage - Red: 299
    • Long and tuff, this dogleg left 4 par plays around a wetlands pond dotted with cypress. It requires length and accuracy to reach this green in regulation.
  • Hole 15
    • Men's Par: 3; Ladies Par: 3; Men's Handicap: 17; Ladies Handicap: 17
    • Yardage - Blue: 162; Yardage - White: 137; Yardage - Green: 112; Yardage - Red: 74
    • The shortest of the 3 pars. The golfer should avoid the deep trap left of the green.
  • Hole 16
    • Men's Par: 4; Ladies Par: 5; Men's Handicap: 13; Ladies Handicap: 13
    • Yardage - Blue: 368; Yardage - White: 343; Yardage - Green: 321; Yardage - Red: 295
    • A short downhill 4 par that doglegs left around well placed traps. From the elevated landing area the approach is protected by sand on the left and water which starts in the right center of the green and continues around the right and rear of the putting surface.
  • Hole 17
    • Men's Par: 5; Ladies Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 1; Ladies Handicap: 1
    • Yardage - Blue: 526; Yardage - White: 491; Yardage - Green: 454; Yardage - Red: 397
    • Considered by many to be the toughest 5 par on the course. This double dogleg has water crossing the hole twice, requiring an accurate tee and second shot.
  • Hole 18
    • Men's Par: 4; Ladies Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 7; Ladies Handicap: 7
    • Yardage - Blue: 429; Yardage - White: 400; Yardage - Green: 333; Yardage - Red: 308
    • The finishing hole is uphill from tee to green. A dogleg right around two well placed traps and a fairway that slopes away from right to left. A long fade that avoids the traps will leave you in ideal position. A medium to long iron to an elevated green surrounded by deep grass bunkers and high mounds.

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