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Course Amenities
  • Bordered by nature preserve
  • Lion's Paw/Panther's Run Grand Clubhouse
  • Tamers Restaurant & Lounge
  • "Big Cats" Pro Golf Shoppe
  • Beautiful wooded landscape
  • Generous landing areas and large greens

Ocean Ridge Plantation Golf:
Panther's Run Golf Links

351 Ocean Ridge Parkway SW
Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

Panther's Run Golf Links, a course that sits among a variety of coastal terrains with holes that blend naturally with the environment, was built to continually test golfers' ability to stay out of the marshlands that surround the course. Tim Cate designed Panther's Run as his first solo project, using the natural terrain of the land to create a challenging and beautiful layout.

The Bentgrass greens found on Panther's Run offer gentle, rolling contours and an above average size. The course also offers wide, twisting and turning fairways and scenic water features. This combination gives Panther's Run the distinction of being one of the most visually interesting courses found in the Carolinas.

The Lion's Paw/Panther's Run Grand Clubhouse is a haven for golfers at these links. Home to Tamers Restaurant and Lounge, the Big Cats Pro Golf Shoppe and a 19th hole, the clubhouse is a beauty! Tamers Restaurant and Lounge is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a delicious menu, as well as the full-service bar. Catering services are also available.

The second course built at Ocean Ridge Plantation, Panther's Run was built in a traditional style, using the existing terrain of the land. Designed to test golfer's skills but not break their game, Panther's Run opened in 1994 with 18 holes featuring rolling, wooded land surrounded by natural brooks and ponds.

Bordering a nature preserve that is home to a variety of wildlife including owls, osprey, deer, fox squirrels and wood ducks, Panther's Run offers large, multiple tee areas for golfers of all skill levels.

Hole Information
  • Hole 1
    • Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 11; Ladies Handicap: 13
    • Yardage - Blue: 408; Yardage - White: 384; Yardage - Gold: 362; Yardage - Red - 330
    • An accurate drive to the left center of the fairway sets up a middle or short iron approach to this slightly uphill par 4. The large green is protected by a massive bunker on the right and mounding on the left.
  • Hole 2
    • Par: 3; Men's Handicap: 13; Ladies Handicap: 15
    • Yardage - Blue: 177; Yardage - White: 164; Yardage - Gold: 150; Yardage - Red: 126
    • Club selection is everything on this beautiful midlink par 3. Eluding the water that looms front right and back right, and escaping the waste areas that protect the left side pin placement is the key here. The smart play is center of this gently left to right sloping green.
  • Hole 3
    • Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 5; Ladies Handicap: 5
    • Yardage - Blue: 427; Yardage - White: 408; Yardage - Gold: 371; Yardage - Red: 316
    • Though the fairway is protected by trees to the right and bunkers to the left, the more favorable tee ball is to the left side of this challenging par 4. This sets up a good angle to attack the mound-protected green.
  • Hole 4
    • Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 3; Ladies Handicap: 1
    • Yardage - Blue: 431; Yardage - White: 397; Yardage - Gold: 378; Yardage - Red: 348
    • This demanding par 4 requires length and accuracy off the tee. A right center placed tee ball avoids the lateral hazard that protects the left side and crosses in front of the green. The putting surface is additionally protected by bunkers in front and mounding in the back.
  • Hole 5
    • Par: 5; Men's Handicap: 9; Ladies Handicap: 9
    • Yardage - Blue: 525; Yardage - White: 504; Yardage - Gold: 482; Yardage - Red: 432
    • This straightaway par 5 is reachable in 2 by the longer hitters when favoring the left side of the generous landing area. The left side layup is also favored by escaping the huge bunker that protects the landing area. An accurate approach to this long, narrow, two-tiered green is of utmost importance.
  • Hole 6
    • Par: 3; Men's Handicap: 7; Ladies Handicap: 17
    • Yardage - Blue: 215; Yardage - White: 191; Yardage - Gold: 171; Yardage - Red: 137
    • Pin placement is the key on this long, fantastic par 3. The bunker protected 3-level green requires pinpoint accuracy from the tee in order to avoid the dreaded 3-putt.
  • Hole 7
    • Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 15; Ladies Handicap: 7
    • Yardage - Blue: 396; Yardage - White: 386; Yardage - Gold: 357; Yardage - Red: 318
    • This slide dog leg right par 4 is the second in a string of four holes that border a nature preserve down the entire right side. Favoring the left off the tee and avoiding the fairway bunkers is the safe play. Don't let your approach go long, as you will be left with a delicate recovery shot to a severely left to right contoured green.
  • Hole 8
    • Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 17; Ladies Handicap: 11
    • Yardage - Blue: 389; Yardage - White: 378; Yardage - Gold: 353; Yardage - Red: 311
    • On this dog leg right par 4, hitting a driver off the tee is only necessary if trying to carry over the right fairway bunker. The strategic play is to the left portion of the fairway, short of the bunkers. From here, take dead aim with a short iron, as this is the best angle to approach this left to right sloping green.
  • Hole 9
    • Par: 5; Men's Handicap: 1; Ladies Handicap: 3
    • Yardage - Blue: 571; Yardage - White: 548; Yardage - Gold: 518; Yardage - Red: 462
    • This par 5 is the last in a string of holes on the outward 9 that borders a nature preserve. Anywhere in the fairway with your tee ball is a good start on this number 1 handicap hole. Favor the left on your layup shot, and only a short iron shot remains on a 2-tiered putting surface that is guarded by a bunker on the right and mounding on the left.
  • Hole 10
    • Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 16; Ladies Handicap: 10
    • Yardage - Blue: 401; Yardage - White: 375; Yardage - Gold: 361; Yardage - Red: 293
    • The back 9 begins with the most forgiving par 4 on this side. A wisely placed tee shot to the left center of the generous landing area leaves only a short iron to this long back to front inclined green that is guarded by a large tree on the left.
  • Hole 11
    • Par: 3; Men's Handicap: 14; Ladies Handicap: 16
    • Yardage - Blue: 192; Yardage - White: 170; Yardage - Gold: 143; Yardage - Red: 137
    • Club selection is very important on this mid-link par 3, due to the influence of an ever-so present wind. The large mound protected green is a big target, but score of par is not secure on this putting surface.
  • Hole 12
    • Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 18; Ladies Handicap: 14
    • Yardage - Blue: 384; Yardage - White: 369; Yardage - Gold: 341; Yardage - Red: 310
    • On this par 4, the most forgiving at Panther's Run, it is essential for the tee shot to favor the left side of the fairway by avoiding the grassy collection area to the right and the bunkers to the left. A short iron approach from this angle invites attacking any hole location on the large, undulating green.
  • Hole 13
    • Par: 5; Men's Handicap: 2; Ladies Handicap: 4
    • Yardage - Blue: 554; Yardage - White: 514; Yardage - Gold: 493; Yardage - Red: 458
    • This, the longest hole on the course, though reachable in 2 by the longest hitters, is best played as a 3-shot par 5. An accurately struck tee ball down the left center of the fairway leaves the perfect angle for targeting the layup shot between the fairway bunker on the left and the water hazard on the right. Even a short iron approach to the 2-tiered bunker protected green requires supreme accuracy.
  • Hole 14
    • Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 6; Ladies Handicap: 6
    • Yardage - Blue: 434; Yardage - White: 419; Yardage - Gold: 396; Yardage - Red: 372
    • The popular tee shot on this demanding dog leg left par 4 is to the right center of the fairway, eluding the fairway bunker on the left. A middle to long iron approach to this long, contoured green can prove most difficult, as there can be a 3-club difference depending on the hole location.
  • Hole 15
    • Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 12; Ladies Handicap: 8
    • Yardage - Blue: 412; Yardage - White: 392; Yardage - Gold: 357; Yardage - Red: 310
    • This picturesque par 4 that has lateral water on the right side from the teeing area through the landing area calls for a tee ball that favors the left side. Accuracy is the key. A driver may not be the play here. The narrow, two-tiered green requires pinpoint accuracy with your short iron approach.
  • Hole 16
    • Par: 5; Men's Handicap: 4; Ladies Handicap: 12
    • Yardage - Blue: 548; Yardage - White: 513; Yardage - Gold: 492; Yardage - Red: 441
    • This lengthy dog leg left par 5 is reachable by the longer players with 2 well-struck shots. Landing areas on both the tee shot and the layup shot are very generous, and favor keeps the ball to the right, as the danger of sand and water is looming to the left. Take dead aim with a short iron approach to this long, narrow green, as this is the last true birdie chance at Panther's Run.
  • Hole 17
    • Par: 3; Men's Handicap: 8; Ladies Handicap: 18
    • Yardage - Blue: 204; Yardage - White: 182; Yardage - Gold: 162; Yardage - Red: 130
    • This beautiful mid-link par 3 has water hazards both left and right of the long, narrow, deeply contoured putting surface. A tee shot targeted to the center of this green isn't the best choice - it seems to be the only choice.
  • Hole 18
    • Par: 4; Men's Handicap: 10; Ladies Handicap: 2
    • Yardage - Blue: 425; Yardage - White: 410; Yardage - Gold: 380; Yardage - Red: 315
    • Long hitters beware - driver may not be the play on this hole, as it plays slightly downhill with a water hazard fronting the green. Best bet is a tee shot favoring the left side which avoids the fairway bunker on the right. This leaves the most popular angle to attack this long, narrow, back to front sloping green that is protected by a front right bunker and additional mounding.

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